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Wellman Dynamics

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Wellman Dynamics is the industry leader in the production of highly complex precision aluminum and magnesium sand castings for the military and commercial aerospace industry. Wellman’s castings are highly differentiated from most competitors in the sand casting industry due to both their size and complexity. Wellman’s largest casting weighs approximately 630 lbs. and its most complex casting requires a mold that is hand-assembled from 125 individual intricate components called cores. Wellman is one of only a handful of companies in the world that is capable of producing such large and highly complex parts.

Wellman has fully integrated production capabilities that span from the production of individual cores required to assemble a casting mold, to the assembly of the molds, heating and pouring of metal, through rough CNC machining, hand processing of the casting via grinding, filing and welding, and finally heat treating of the castings.

Wellman also has full non-destructive testing inspection capabilities including conventional x-ray, digital x-ray, fluid penetrant inspection and dimensional scanning. Manufacturing operations are supported by a 26-person quality, engineering and tooling staff.

Wellman Dynamics Machining & Assembly

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Wellman Dynamics Machining & Assembly (“WDMA”) is an AS9100 certified CNC machine shop that designs and produces large precision parts and assemblies primarily for the aerospace and defense markets, including hydraulic accumulator and actuator assemblies. WDMA also finishes the machining of Wellman Dynamics castings and associated assembly of completed transmissions.

WDMA is differentiated from many machine shops in that it has many proprietary part designs and it can produce machined components as large as twenty-one feet long that hold tolerances up to 0.001 of an inch per foot over the entire length of the part up to twenty-eight inches in diameter. WDMA benefits from a flawless reputation for quality.

In addition to its production team, WDMA maintains a design and engineering staff, and owns proprietary designs on many of its key products.

The U.S. Department of Defense is WDMA’s largest client.

American Sintered Technologies

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American Sintered Technologies (AST) is a manufacturer of precision net shape powdered metal parts from various metals including stainless steel, iron, brass and bronze. AST’s products range in size from a few ounces to four pounds in weight.

The production process consists of compacting powdered metal into net shapes in hydraulic presses, baking the net shape in a sintering oven and then processing the resulting parts into finished components via drilling, tapping, grinding, honing, CNC machining and heat treating. AST has internal production capabilities in each of these areas except for grinding, honing and heat treating, which it outsourced. AST’s manufacturing operations are supported by engineering and tooling staff.

AST primarily serves the automotive, hardware, and lawn and garden markets.


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Intercast produces a wide range of Investment Castings in diverse shapes and sizes out of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals including stainless steels, bronze, nickel base, alloy steels and other metals.

Intercast is located in Reynosa, Mexico approximately 10 miles from McAllen, Texas and operates as a maquiladora.

In addition to casting capabilities, Intercast also offers value-added services including destructive and non-destructive testing (X-ray, FPI and Magnetic Particle Inspection) . Intercast’s manufacturing operations are supported by a Quality and Engineering staff.

Intercast primary markets include Flow Control market, Land-based Gas Turbine market and Industrial OEM markets.

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